Yamataka Series Stun Gun & Led Light & laser dazzler

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Waterproof 520nm & 532nm Laser dazzlers. A tactical stun flashlight laser dazzler featured with this high voltage(stun gun option), high power laser beam dazzler, tactical led light. 

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Dimensions Ф42(54)*320
Net Weight 725g
Power Supply 1 x 18650/26650 Lithium Batteries Or 5V Wall adapter
Working Voltage 4.2V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence 532nm: 1.0 - 15mrad; 520nm: 2.5-15mrad
Beam Diameter At aperture 532nm: 2mm; 520nm: 5mm
Transverse Mode Near Tem00
Operating Mode CW/PULSE
Working Temperature 0 to 35 Degree C
Warranty One year
Power stability ±30%
Polarization ≦0.3°
Waterproof Degree IP55
Illumination range ≦500M
Power density ~3.0 mW/cm2
Anti-knock GBT 2423.43-2008
Working humidity 10%~90%
Pulse Frequency 8hz(customizable)
LED Output CREE 3*100lm
High voltage shock 150,000V
Material Airgrade aluminum 6061 T6
Shock proof 0.02g2@20~2000Hz

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Waterproof 520nm & 532nm Laser dazzlers. A tactical stun flashlight laser dazzler featured with this high voltage(stun gun option), high power Zoomable laser beam dazzler, tactical led light(5 Modes Strong/ Medium /Weak/ SOS Flashing / Dazzling ).  Perfect for general illumination, self defense, hunting, camping, etc.

The stun gun is included by default. If you don't want to include this feature, please let us know and we will disable it for you.

. this 150,000 volt stun gun will also make dark parking lots feel much less threatening. 

Led light function: 5 Modes Strong/ Medium /Weak/ SOS Flashing / Dazzling  

Laser dazzler function: CW mode, Pulse mode,  Zoomable beam

Notes: Yamataka series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers are included for the user to use 18650/18350/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have 18650 batts.

532nm YAMATAKA takes one 18650/26650s.

520nm YAMATAKA takes two 16340s/18350s batteries.

YAMATAKA series laser dazzlers explained - JETLASERS.ORG

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  • hakzaw1


    nobody else makes anything like this.
    By accident I zapped my self--ouch!!

    btw no real need for the higher power green..

    the ONLY neg was a misspelling of the word 'pulse'
    oops-- it had 'pause' no big deal --

    Dr. Dmasky


    This YAMATAKA series product was very sturdy and felt like great quality.

    Dr. Dmasky


    I love your products and quality of work. Awesome lasers.



    I am Totally Pleased with this unite, I finally found a Laser Dazzler that s not only Powerful, But Multi-Function Rating 100% Pulse!!!!!!!!!



    I am Very Pleased with the Yamataka Series Stun gun,Laser Dazzler,Flashlight>

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