PL-E Pro 405nm Violet Laser

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405nm PL-E Pro 300mW Violet Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers at 405 nm.

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405nm PL-E Pro 300mW Violet Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers at 405 nm.
1. longer run time
2. internally focusable
3. AC/DC powerable, varying batts supported
4. Safety Pin, Aperture cap, dissectable battery barrel, standard AC port
What makes PL-E Pro different from previous versions:
1. the build quality strengthened, the intuitiveness enhanced in design;
 2. battery barrel dissectable, assembling + shipping friendly, PL-E convertible
 3. Tail safety pin added, more  input sources explored, user safety  fortified
4. Simplifying the functions and minimizing the failure rate
5. Aperture cap: anti-dust, user safety considered.
PL-E Pro series 465nm lasers, high power 465nm blue lasers at JETLASERS.ORG
1. PL-E Pro series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers are included for the user to use 18650/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have 18650 batts.
2. PL-E Pro series at 473/532/635/650/808/980/1064nm takes a single 18650/26650(3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 5V AC in. 
3. PL-E Pro series at 405/445/465/520nm takes two 16340/18650/26650s(each 3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 8V AC in. 
4. The extension is included for users to use two 18650/26650 batteries. If you are using two flat top 18650/26650 batteries, small magnets(attachable to the positive end of the battery) are also included to make sure two flat top batts are in good contact.
5. AC adapters are not included. You can run the laser on AC without the batts needed.
6. With the extension, the laser totals at a length of 35cm.
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  • Hilton Mcdaniel


    Very good quality and brightness, I had bought other lasers that they said were good but it does not compare with these JETLASERS ...

    Underwood Robert


    Excellent quality! I am truly impressed with this, especially for my first laser pointer. Came in perfect condition. Hope to be buying more from you all in the future!

    Jenny H.


    You guys develop state of the art lasers! I love the look and feel of ALL your portable lasers.

    Georgia P.


    Happy with this 405 nm laser. will absolutely end up ordering more lasers from jetlasers again.

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