PL-E Pro DPSS 473nm Blue Laser

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PL-E Pro DPSS 473nm Blue Laser

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Dimensions 40mm( Dia.) x275mm( Length )
Net Weight 580g Without Batts
Power Supply 1 x 18650/26650 Lithium Batteries Or 5V Wall adapter
Working Voltage 4.2V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence 1mrad; adjustable to bigger
Beam Diameter At aperture 1mm; adjustable to bigger
Transverse Mode Near Tem00
Operating Mode CW
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
Warranty One year

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PL-E Pro DPSS 473nm Blue Laser is a continuous wave (CW) diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser and applies to luorescence excitation, optogenetics, PIV, Raman Spectroscopy, laser display, etc.

PL-E Pro series’s AC in integration, robust design, dismountable design, internally focusable feature, added safety features, metal button, spare barrel, long runtime and and high reliability make them a better option for outdoor or field use where a a high power, high stability handheld laser is required. PLE Pro series lasers are good for lab use where portability and low cost are necessary.
1. PL-E Pro series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers and small magnets(attachable to the Positive end of the FLAP TOP batts) are included for the user to use 18650/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have only FLAT TOP 18650 batts.
2. PL-E Pro series at 473/532/635/650/808/980/1064nm takes a single 18650/26650(3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 5V AC in. 
3. PL-E Pro series at 405/445/465/520nm takes two 16340/18650/26650s(each 3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 8V AC in. 
4. The extension is included for users to use two 18650/26650 batteries. If you are using two flat top 18650/26650 batteries, small magnets(attachable to the positive end of the battery) are also included to make sure two flat top batts are in good contact.
5. AC adapters are not included. You can run the laser on AC without the batts needed.
6. With the extension, the laser totals at a length of 35cm.
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    Matera Radim


    Awesome laser, great customer care. There is just a little space to describe it, however you can see my review of this laser on LPF:

    or short link



    Awesome laser and surpassed any and all expectations. A nice solid host with solid features that serve their purpose and work as they should. What more could you ask for.



    I highly recommend this laser to anyone who is in the market for a high quality 473 laser. The price is better than CNI and Laserglow, and the quality holds its own!

    Ronald I.


    For the price, I'd say this PL-E Pro 473nm blue laser is totally worth it if you want something stable and simple with on/off buttons. It's certainly one of the nicest blue lasers I've seen. very pleased.

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