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PL-E 808nm Infrared Lasers

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PL-E Pro and MINI 808nm Infrared Lasers

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Dimensions 40mm( Dia.) x275mm( Length )
Net Weight 380g Without Batts
Power Supply 1 x 18650/26650 Lithium Batteries Or 5V Wall adapter
Working Voltage 4.2V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence 3-6mrad; focus adjustable
Beam Diameter At aperture 3mm; adjustable to bigger
Transverse Mode muti mode
Operating Mode CW for Mechanical switch, CW+Pulse for Code Switch
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
Warranty One year

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PL-E Pro series Lasers’ AC in integration, robust design, dismountable design, internally focusable feature, added safety features, metal button, spare barrel, long runtime and and high reliability make them a better option for outdoor or field use where a a high power, high stability handheld laser is required. PLE Pro series lasers are good for lab use where portability and low cost are necessary.

PL-E MINI is the mini version of PL-E Pro series.

PL-E Pro series 465nm lasers, high power 465nm blue lasers at JETLASERS.ORGPL-E Pro series 808nm lasers, high power 808nm infrared lasers at JETLASERS.ORG
1. PL-E Pro series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers and small magnets(attachable to the Positive end of the FLAP TOP batts) are included for the user to use 18650/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have only FLAT TOP 18650 batts.
2. PL-E Pro series at 473/532/635/650/808/980/1064nm takes a single 18650/26650(3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 5V AC in. 
3. PL-E Pro series at 405/445/465/520nm takes two 16340/18650/26650s(each 3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 8V AC in. 
4. The extension is included for users to use two 18650/26650 batteries. If you are using two flat top 18650/26650 batteries, small magnets(attachable to the positive end of the battery) are also included to make sure two flat top batts are in good contact.
5. AC adapters are not included. You can run the laser on AC without the batts needed.
6. We provide two versions of 2.5W+ 808nm PL-E Pro models, one is the air cooling version that runs on a single 18650/26650, the other version is the TEC cooling version that runs on two 26650/18650s that comes with the spare battery compartment for the additional battery.
6. With the extension, the laser totals at a length of 35cm.
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  • Paul Mcdonagh


    Well as promised i have my review to offer....after 3... 1/2 months of constant use outdoors in cold weather + rain and damp conditions. Firstly i came to Jet lasers after many recommendations from pro laser forums in the UK. (Be careful on forums) - many are set up + run by laser companies. And they HAVE AGENDA'S!! BUT.....Jet lasers are the real deal. Ive used my IR 808nm laser (for covert signalling into the sky and other scientific reasons) as im into various studying of sky phenomena. Its an IR laser so know one can see it, nor any complaints from pilots + police who will put you in prison for dazzling pilots. I used mine with the use of Night vision goggles where IR light can be seen safely. (Oh and make sure to buy protective glasses, its a must if used indoors).

    So to sum up, the pros and cons of my 808nm 3.5w IR laser:


    * Excellent quality. Dropped it once on hard concrete, not a scratch! Nor any optical problems (Which i expected!! it was a hard fall.

    * Heavy, solid build - but small enough to be portable in a small satchel.

    * Excellent comms with Jet lasers from start to finish!

    * Fast shipping and promise of replacement if lost/stolen/customs issues on route to your address. + This is backed up by past customers, so no breaking of this promise that ive ever heard of. No doubt this wil never be an issue with JL..

    * Excellent performance with no drop off in performance. Optics are excellent quality, no issues whatsoever.....and i cant see any arising (touch wood) so much is my confidence in this product. Many feel Chinese goods are rubbish, and many are rubbish..... i have to say this from past dealings with "some" Chinese companies. I have extensive dealings with Chinese goods via my business, and many are operating with the mentality of - fast turn around, low quality, sell and run, with rubbish customer care added for good measure, just awful. BUT. BUT..Jetlasers are the exception to this rule, I promise you that. Jetlasers are VERY trustworthy and take ultimate pride in their products and customer care.They really do live by this moto, and so many customers of JL state the same! A1 excellent service all round with JL.

    * A laser which i would recommend to anyone, i rarely give reviews, but for once in my life i have a product that is as described (in fact jetlasers should boast more about the features on their products) - Top notch mil-spec quality and customer care to follow through on your purchase.


    No AC adapter given, but i should of read more carefully it doesnt come with one, unless you state as an extra, unfortunately this option wasnt given for this laser, BUT...this is nitpicking because im so very pleased amd impressed (as you may be able to tell) BUT credit where credit is due!.

    Overall jetlasers deserve this top review from a UK consumer. All the very best to this company, a pleasure to do business with them. Mil-spec, top quality, top performance, reliability and customer care that beats any ofg the UK's best companies.

    Thanks JL,

    Paul UK.




    Mcdonagh Paul


    Hi guys,

    Just ordered this lovely item. I give 5 stars so far.... for service, communication and advice. Will update my review when received and tested. So far its looking very good. Plus ive been recommended to JETLASERS.ORG from many friends who say this company is very very good. Their experience has been fantastic with jetlasers.ORG. Im hoping my order/experience is as good. i WILL update in a few weeks.

    Andy UK.

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