0 - 5W 445NM BLUE LASER, PL-E Pro series

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0 - 5W 445NM - 450NM BLUE LASER, PL-E Pro series

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Dimensions 40mm( Dia.) x275mm( Length )
Net Weight 580g Without Batts
Power Supply 2 x 18350s/18650s/26650s Batteries Or 8V 5A Wall adapter
Working Voltage 7V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence 3-5mrad
Beam Diameter At aperture around 3x5mm; adjustable to bigger
Transverse Mode muti mode
Operating Mode CW for Mechanical Switch, CW plus Pulse Mode for Code Switch
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
Warranty One year

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PL-E Pro series’s AC in integration, robust design, dismountable design, internally focusable feature, added safety features, metal button, spare barrel, long runtime and and high reliability make them a better option for outdoor or field use where a a high power, high stability handheld laser is required. PLE Pro series lasers are good for lab use where portability and low cost are necessary.
445nm PL-E Pro Blue Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers at 445nm - 450nm.
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1. PL-E Pro series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers and small magnets(attachable to the Positive end of the FLAP TOP batts) are included for the user to use 18650/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have only FLAT TOP 18650 batts.
2. PL-E Pro series at 473/532/635/650/808/980/1064nm takes a single 18650/26650(3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 5V AC in. 
3. PL-E Pro series at 405/445/465/520nm takes two 16340/18650/26350/26650s(each 3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 8V AC in. 
4. The extension is included for users to use two 18650/26650 batteries. If you are using two flat top 18650/26650 batteries, small magnets(attachable to the positive end of the battery) are also included to make sure two flat top batts are in good contact.
5. AC adapters are not included. You can run the laser on AC without the batts needed.
6. With the extension, the laser totals at a length of 35cm.
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    Olooney John


    This is one of the very rare times in life that I write a review before having received the product.
    I’m 53 years old and in these years I have purchased many things from many people. I can honestly say that this company is amongst the very best service I have ever had the good fortune to stumble across - ever.
    I have no doubt that the laser that arrives will be superb - I did my research and I know this will be the case, the reason I post this review early is that the level of engagement I have received specifically from Mr Gray has been nothing short of amazing - I’ve just never seen that type of service before.
    Mr Gray you are a credit to Jet lasers and other retailers would be wise to learn lessons directly from you on how to engage with customers, nothing has been too much trouble for this man. I am a funeral director and I run my own funeral home in the uk - I base my service on exactly the same principles as Mr Gray
    Thank you so much, I will be adding more items to my collection from Jet Lasers directly as a result of the way you conduct yourself - thank you - Brilliant .

    Whitaker Jim


    PL-E Pro 5 watt version, my first "real" laser and I was amazed at how much the beam from it looks like a Star Trek phaser. It looks like solid light more than it does a light beam. Well built, honestly it feels in the hand like a police nightstick. Can't wait for sunset tonight to take it outdoors. I wish they offered some of those star wheels but I wouldn't want to try one off my cheap lasers because that might cause this thing harm. Thanks guys :-)

    Tegtmeier John


    OMG This thing is a BEAST !!!!!
    no doubt the strongest laser I own
    Feels great and quality in the hand
    Easy to use
    When in focus it INSTANTLY makes cardboard SMOKE, INSTANTLY !!!!!
    JET Lasers and Gary are the Best company I have ever had the enjoyment to do business with
    Thanks Gary :)

    Gray Andrew


    PL-E Pro 445nm 1.6W

    Shipping was fast to rural Ohio, USA. Customer service was courteous and knowledgeable. They even provided me with an output graph per my request.

    An excellent choice for the price. Lots of functionality and versatility.

    Stake Peter


    First things first......

    Gül Muhammed


    I recieved this laser a few months ago, and i just had the opportunity to use it. I must first thank JetLasers team (mostly Mr.Gray) for their extreme help during the payment & shipment process. I've had some problems with customs that they want a big amount of tax during importing the laser, and i've told Gray about the issue and since i am a student, they've paid me 50% of the amount customs want! I don't think any other company would do that!

    About the laser, I've got the 2W one with mechanical switch and push button. You must know that this thing is HUGE. It's both heavy and long. To make it concrete, it's nearly 3 times long as a classic 303 laser! It definitely is made of extremely high-quality parts. I know China is known to make low-quality mass products, yet this company is NOWHERE near that point!

    And about its functionalities, i love the built-in focus, it's really useful. You can easily focus & defocus it without useless extension parts like other companies' lasers. As batteries, i use 2x 18650s and they last pretty long. It both has constant switch and temporary switches, which makes it really useful. (Note that the 3 light dots on the laser shows only power, not battery which i thought it would, but no problem!) The safety glasses included are called "Jet Safe", and they look pretty high quality. Never point the laser beam towards it, though!

    I would like to thank JetLasers again for offering such a high quality laser and extreme help and support during every process of purchase, i'd recommend everyone this laser and the company. Stay safe!

    poindexter Colby


    I received my 445nm 5W ple-pro a couple of days ago. It shipped to the US very fast, got here in five business days. The packaging was excellent, very well insulated and sturdy, lots of bubble wrap so I imagine anything from Jet Lasers would have a very low likelihood of being damaged during shipping. The laser itself is very very well made, their craftsmanship is the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve ordered a lot of lasers from various sites/companies over the years. Jet Lasers is the best by far. I got a little suspicious when I first started shopping on here because I couldn’t find any bad reviews, which is unusual. But having purchased the product I can’t imagine anyone being able to give a bad review. Mister Gray, who I suppose handles all the customer service was extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and polite. I asked him a lot of questions about the product and the shipping process and he answered everything. Yes the lasers are not cheap, because they’re NOT cheap lasers. They are the highest quality and most powerful I’ve seen available for purchase anywhere and I will absolutely be buying another one soon. My next one will be a 532nm green. A few final notes; 445nm at five watts is not designed for long distance designation of targets or stargazing. The beam divergence is higher than other models. It’s insanley bright and powerful and will instantly start burning anything the beam touches within about 2 to 3 meters. Farther than that you have to leave the beam on the target for a few seconds but I’ve gotten targets smoldering fairly quickly from 5-10 meters. Use eye protection. Any of the 532nm green lasers are better for keeping a tight beam over a long distance. I am not a paid spokesperson, I was not asked to write this review. I am a huge fan of this company and their work and will gladly answer any questions anyone has. My email is colbygt80@gmail.com. I am located in Kentucky in the United States.

    Marsh Sheralyn


    Received my 2W with 10x expander, holster, case, and charger yesterday (received batteries from domestic shipper prior). Tested last night in pitch black conditions to point at stars and... OMG!! OMG OMG OMG! Breathtaking, awe inspiring! The color and brilliance of the light beam remained brilliant from unit to eternity (ok well the stars, anyway). Might have interrupted a wayward (trespassing) drone along the way... oh well! This is the stuff Star Wars was made of! Not a techie, but I think I just became one! **Note on customer service. I contacted the company through the "generic" contact form on the track your order page to inquire as to the status of my order after 6 days with no further update since receiving and processing of my payment. Made me a little nervous. I wasn't complaining, just asking if they could update me. Within 12 hours, maybe less I received a personal email (thanks Grey!) with a note of apology for the delay in shipment, and an explanation that it was their Labor Day holiday and businesses were closed. Along with the apology, which was totally unnecessary as it hadn't been that long, was an offer of credit for my inconvenience. The amount was small, a little less than 5% of my total order, but an incredible gesture on their part. One which a) I couldn't envision most American companies doing given the circumstance and b) endeared me to them with a commitment to recommend Jet Lasers without any reservations. Truly A1 service, breaking down the American preconceived notion (that I'm embarrassed to say I had adopted) about the integrity of businesses in the Far East. Quality on 1 to 10 is a 14, service on 1 to 10, a 20! Way to go JetLasers!

    Raymond Charles


    First thing that I noticed, right out of the box, is how beastly and well built this thing looks. I feel like i could knock someone out with this. I had some issues figuring out how to operate it, and customer support was top notch. The beam is extremely bright, and all I could have dreamed of. Would certainly recommend this product! Worth every penny!

    ferrari Giorgio


    I received my 4W focusable laser yesterday and...WOW!!
    The package was OK but the charger has only the american plug, fortunately I have an universal adapter so I can use it. I am very impressed with the power and I'm testing it.
    Maybe I will post some videos on youtube in future..

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