PL-E Pro 465nm Blue Laser

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465nm PL-E Pro 1.4W - 3.5W  Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers.

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Dimensions 40mm( Dia.) x275mm( Length )
Net Weight 380g Without Batts
Power Supply 2 x 16340s/18650s/26650s Lithium Batteries Or 8V5AWall adapter
Working Voltage 7V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence around 2mRad
Beam Diameter At aperture 2.5mm at aperture; adjustable
Transverse Mode CW for Mechanical Switch, CW plus Pulse Mode for Code Switch
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
Warranty One year

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PL-E Pro series Lasers’ AC in integration, robust design, dismountable design, internally focusable feature, added safety features, metal button, spare barrel, long runtime and and high reliability make them a better option for outdoor or field use where a a high power, high stability handheld laser is required. PLE Pro series lasers are good for lab use where portability and low cost are necessary.
462nm PL-E Pro Blue Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers at 462nm.
1. PL-E Pro series is 26650 host. It is 28cm long by default. The case reducers and small magnets(attachable to the Positive end of the FLAP TOP batts) are included for the user to use 18650/16340 batteries. So dont worry if you only have only FLAT TOP 18650 batts.
2. PL-E Pro series at 473/532/635/650/808/980/1064nm takes a single 18650/26650(3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 5V AC in. 
3. PL-E Pro series at 405/445/465/520nm takes two 16340/18650/26650s(each 3.7v, fully chargable to 4.2V) or 8V AC in. 
4. The extension is included for users to use two 18650/26650 batteries. If you are using two flat top 18650/26650 batteries, small magnets(attachable to the positive end of the battery) are also included to make sure two flat top batts are in good contact.
5. AC adapters are not included. You can run the laser on AC without the batts needed.
6. With the extension, the laser totals at a length of 35cm.
PS: Please feel free to contact us at if you need any further information.
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    Pagan Ralph


    I just received my 4 watt PL-E Pro laser.. The first thing I realized is THIS THING IS BIG!! WOW!! The photos don't do it justice.. With the battery extension, it is well over a foot long! I am also impressed with the power.. Once I got it powered on with the AC adapter, I aimed it at the box it was delivered in, and in way less than a second, the cardboard was beginning to smoke! loll Looking forward to having some more fun with it once the batteries are through charging, so I can be unleashed from the AC power adapter.. Definitely recommend this laser for all fanatics! AWESOME! Thanks, JetLasers!



    Fantastic laser. It blows right through plastic coffee cans! The focusing is excellent with very smooth operation. This is my 3rd PLE-PRO. I own 2 1watt 520nm and now the 3.2watt + (it maxed out my laser power meter) 465nm. Gray was fantastic as always! Highly recommended!!!

    Roberto V.


    Ordered this fantastic laser on a Sunday, and by the time I got the tracking info, the package had already made it halfway around the world and in my city, to be delivered on the next business day (6 business days total from order to delivery). The rep (Grey) was quick in communicating with status, and is a pleasure to deal with. The package came in expertly wrapped, as were the contents. Craftsmanship is amazing. I am currently (and impatiently) waiting for the batteries to charge so I can try this out.

    I would absolutely recommend jetlasers to anyone looking for a high quality hand-held laser, with excellent customer service and very fast shipping.

    Carl Kohnke


    Its gr8 m8

    Carl Kohnke


    Its gr8 m8



    I don't now what it feels like but i heard it is awesome!!



    It was a pleasure to experience purchasing from Jet Lasers. This unit (1.5W 462nm handheld laser) exceed my expectations in quality and design. I love it! Furthermore, Jet Lasers has provided the best customer support I have experienced in years. Even with an unusual circumstance that arose they went out of their way to resolve the issue. Thank you Gray, I couldn't be more pleased!

    Belinda Knaak


    The laser is working great! thanks u guys!

    Avery Blake


    Its here, it works, its very pretty!

    Denise V.


    Very beautiful laser design and stable & bright beam ! Thank you very much!

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