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405nm Fiber Coupled Violet Lasers

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405nm Fiber Coupled Violet Lasers

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JETLASERS offers 405nm fiber coupled lasers, which are custom designed for DNA detection instrument, flow cyclometer and biological detection instrument, high stability, low noise, and high performance laser, and covers the wavelength spectrum—from the Ultraviolet at 375 nm to the near-Infrared at 785 nm.

▁▂▃ Industrial Standard Size (Customization)
▁▂▃ Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio
▁▂▃ Higher Beam Quality
▁▂▃ High Long-Term Power Stability
▁▂▃ High Extinction Ratio
▁▂▃ High M² Factor
▁▂▃ MTBF > 10,000 hours


▢▣▤▥▦▧Specification Sheet
☑Wavelength ———————— 405nm
☑Output Power ———————— 50mW - 200mW
☑Fiber Cable ———————— Type 3mm Mono-Coil
☑Fiber Cable Length ———————— 1.0m Fiber Numerical Aperture (1/e²) 0.13NA
☑Fiber Core Diameter———————— 4um
☑Spatial Mode———————— TEM00
☑M² (Beam Quality)———————— ≤1.2
☑Beam Asymmetry———————— ≤1:1.2
☑RMS Noise (20Hz to 20MHz)———————— <0.2%
☑Peak-to-Peak Noise  (20Hz to 20kHz)———————— <0.5%
☑Long-Term Power Stability (8hrs., ±3℃)———————— <1.0%
☑Operating Voltage ———————— 5.0 VDC
☑Polarization Ratio ———————— Minimum 100:1, Vertical ±5℃
☑Laser Drive Modes ———————— CW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation, Computer Control
☑Laser Safety ———————— Class IIIb
☑ESD Protection ———————— Level 4
☑Power Consumption ———————— Typical 5, Max. 13
☑Laser Head Baseplate Temp (Max) ———————— 50℃
☑Operating Temperature ———————— 10℃ to 40℃
☑Storage Temperature ———————— -20℃ to 60℃
☑MTBF ———————— > 10,000 Hours

➳Flow cytometry
➳DNA sequencer
  ➳Confocal microscope
  ➳Fluorescent analysis
  ➳Semiconductor/LCD inspection
  ➳Laser display



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